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a man in a blue jacket and glasses holding a red apple
a man in a blue jacket and glasses holding a red apple

First of all

Let me introduce myself

I’m Robert van Bommel born in The Netherlands and I’m a passioned photographer next to a fulltime job. Doing Photograpy already more than 40 years made me quite experienced.

I like to share my passion with people in the form of teaching and photo tours to spend time with other passionate photographers.

Photography Workshops and Training

Join our photography workshops and training sessions to enhance your skills and passion for photography. I will guide you through the art of photography and help you capture stunning images that tell your story.

Basic training for beginners. (only in Dutch).

This will be a classroom training to learn the aspects from Photography. All you need to know to develop yourself to create your own beautiful pictures. A perfect start to give your hobby more joy and a start for the next level of photography


Like: Long exposure, Low key strobist, Portrait lightning and more coming up.

Please check my Facebook for actual and comming workshops

Explorer and improve yourself

Photography Tours

Join our photography Tours, we will bring you to amaising places. Help you with the settings and framing your best captures. You will take back home a lot of photos and memories

We are working together with photographers and local guides to organise great tours. Coming up soon.

Not to mention

Photography Art

Our photography art collection showcases the beauty and essence of the world through the eyes of an talented artist. Very soon you can browse through our gallery to find stunning images that will inspire and captivate you.

Van Bommel Art & Photography

We are a team of professional photographers and artists, dedicated to capturing and creating stunning images that showcase the beauty of the world. Join us for photography tours, workshops, and training that will enhance your skills and passion for photography art.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact me,

Telephone +31 (0)6 538 977 85 or send me an e-mail

Stay updated and check my FaceBook

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